Hot off the Virtual Presses…

… is “Metropolitan Secession and the Space of Color-Blind Racism in Atlanta” in the Journal of Urban Affairs.

You may need institutional access to the journal to read the whole thing. I’m prohibited from posting the .pdf on my website by the online publishing agreement, but I can send it to anyone who specifically requests it.

3 comments on “Hot off the Virtual Presses…

  1. Ryan Reft says:

    Hey Michan,
    Reading through your SF Valley piece now. I’m a UCSD PhD candidate in Urban history but also a writer for LA’s KCET ( and co-editor of Tropics of Meta – ToM – ( I am pitching my editor at KCET on a piece based on your article (you’ll be referenced and footnoted of course, see my other pieces if you have any doubts) and would like a copy of your Atlanta article as well. Would this be possible? Even if he doesn’t buy it, we can use it for ToM. For whatever reason the link isn’t working with my internet connection and I’m on leave before I defend this June so not sure I can access the article via UCSD (I’m not even in California right now). Would that be possible? You can send it to Thanks


  2. […] Obama’s (mostly notional) urban policy, the ongoing neocon culture war against cities, and of course, secession […]

  3. […] in mind when they hit the voting booth. The notion that African American voters are not to be trusted with the public purse is hardly novel in Atlanta’s political culture, and there’s pretty strong visual […]

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