News: Panels and Publication

The most important news is that my article “’Public Benefits from Public Choice’?: Producing Decentralization in Los Angeles County, 1954-1973”, is now published in the Journal of Urban History. You can, nay should, read it here. This article originated in parts of three different dissertation chapters, became a conference paper at the  terrific “The Diverse Suburb, History, Politics and Prospects” conference at the National Center for Suburban Studies in 2009, was included in a proposal for a special section of the JUH, and passed through several extensive revisions. And now it’s available online with print to follow. Thanks to Chris Niedt of NCSS for organizing the conference in the first place; to Chris and Matt Lassiter for insightful and rigorous guidance through the revisions; and to Phil Ethington for advising the dissertation research where it all began. The other pieces in this special issue are outstanding, and I particularly recommend Wendy Cheng’s “The Changs Next Door to the Diazes: Suburban Racial Formation in Los Angeles’s San Gabriel Valley“.

I also enjoyed, despite some overnight food poisoning, a terrific panel discussion of “Places, Pasts, and Policies” at the recent Urban History Association meeting. I’d like to thank Guian McKee, Chris Bonastia and Andrew Highsmith for their papers, Richard Harris for provocative commentary, and a very large and involved audience for retaining consciousness and asking some sharp questions. Andrew also came through with a banana that helped tremendously.